How Does Social Surge Work?

One of the best ways to grow a business is to give stuff away. The Social Surge is a giveaway campaign program that dedicates itself to growing businesses/blogs by partnering with influential celebrities and talents. Our curated giveaways are hosted by celebrities/talents via their social media account. An image of the prizes will be posted on their page along with method of entry as caption. One of the method of entries would require that the entrant follow each brand/blogger account that participated in giveaway resulting in a surge of followers, engagement, sales, and worldwide reach. Each campaign is a form of online advertising and has been proven as a genuine way to grow your online presence and increase your followers. Click here to be a part of our next campaign and read our contract BEFORE entering.

Step By Step Process

1. You send in your payment so that you can participate in the giveaway campaign. The costs will range anywhere between $300-$1,000 depending on the prize costs, influencer costs, and how many followers we project that you will gain.

2. Your payment will go toward paying for the prizes and paying for the influencers that will sponsor the giveaway

3. Our Instagram page dedicated to hosting the secret giveaway will be following all of the accounts/participants (ex. you if you paid to be a part). 

4. The influencers will post and share the giveaway to their feeds and will direct their followers on how to enter. The influencers will state in their video/post that in order to enter to win the giveaway, they must follow all of the accounts that are being followed by the giveaway page. This is how you gain the followers!


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