This is a standard list of items that are usually needed to complete a site. 


We will need all of the required info within 2 business for RUSH sites, or within 5 business days for STANDARD sites. If we do not have all of the info needed in this time frame, your site completion may be delayed.


Your business may not require all of the things on this checklist, but it is up to you to decide which things you will need for your site, and which things you won't (depending on how you would like for your site to look & function). 


Also (if possible), please send all of your typed info. together in a Word document (no screenshots), or if it is easier, you may send the info. via email (please try to put as much info. as possible in a single email to cut down on the amount of unnecessary emails).


DO NOT send any pictures/images in a Word document.  Pictures should be sent as attachments in an email (you can send multiple pictures in one email). Thank you!






Please send us all of the images that you would like added to your site.  A lot of clients opt for professional photo shoots to get the perfect images for their websites.  The reason why is because high quality images will make your site pop.  However, if you do not have any, just let us know & we will choose some stock photos to make your home page banners look nice. 




If you sell any services & you want clients to be able to “book” on your site, please send us the following info.: the name of each service you provide; the cost of each service; the required deposit amount (if any); the length of time it takes to perform each service; your hours of operation & contact info. 


Please be specific with this info. and do not say things like, "between 4 & 5 hours".  We can't enter info. that way.  We will need to enter either 4 OR 5 hours, so give us exact data to enter.





If you sell any products, please provide us with your product images; the name of the product; the product description (if any); the product price; size; texture; length; color; etc.  Also, please do not leave us to do the math.  In other words, please do not say things like, "add $10 to the price of the 15" and add $35 to the price of the 22" inch".  Do your own math and give us the exact price to enter for each product listing.





(For customer contact & where you want to receive all of your notifications).




(If you have previously created an account on Wix with your business email address, please give us the log-in information to that Wix account).
















(Such as return/refund info., turn around times, etc.)



  • FAQ’s


(Faq's are the most anticipated questions that your customers will have & your answers to those questions).






If you would like social media accounts integrated with your site, please send the link to your social media pages.  For example my instagram link is:  ALSO, if you want to use the instagram live feed on your home page (this is where your instagram posts will show on your website in real time), then please give us your instagram username & password because we will need it in order to activate the live feed.  If you do not feel comfortable giving us this info., you can always request for us to send you the step-by-step instructions on how you can activate the live feed yourself.




So that you can receive your payments.  If you are using Square or Stripe, we will need the password as well, as username in order to activate them (or you can request instructions on how to do this yourself).  





(Optional)   If you have shipping prices, you can either list them as flat rates (for example, you can charge $6 for standard shipping and/or $15 for rush shipping); OR you can list the shipping prices by weight (for example, you can charge $5 for anything under 2 lbs and $10 for everything over 2 lbs); OR you can list the shipping prices based on total amount spent (for example, shipping is $9 for purchases up to $50 and purchases that are $50 & over are free).





(If you do not have a domain name already, we will purchase it for you.  All you will need to do is let us know what domain name you want to use (we advise you to go on & type in the domain name you want to use to see if it’s available or already in use. Once you find an available domain name, just let us know what it is).


***If you previously purchased your domain name, we need to know where you purchased it from AND we need your login/account information so that we can transfer the domain name to your site****




(We need this info. to register your domain name (if you have not already purchased your domain name).  However, in order for us not to get this confused & think that you are sending this info to us to put on your website (for your clients knowledge), please specify that you are sending this info. ONLY to register the domain name, so that we know not to  list it on your website).


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